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Welcome To The Kushite-Nubian Collaborative

The Kushite-Nubian Collaborative (KNC) is a purposeful unification of three partner organizations: Save Nubia Project (SNP), the Nubia Project, and Ta-Seti Foundation. The Collaborative is focused on furthering the work of solving various issues for Africans located in Nubia, Sudan, and South Sudan.

Our focus is to galvanize our people throughout the African Diaspora with the intent to study, discover, create, execute, and share viable solutions to important issues facing Nubians and other indigenous groups in Sudan.

In short, KNC’s focus is on unification! There is power with the right numbers of individuals and organizations collaborating under one banner for the benefit of Nubia and Sudan. It simplifies our work by eliminating duplicate efforts, and expands our knowledge by incorporating differing scientifically proven opinions and findings into one intentional, determined, and unified purpose.




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