Our Objectives & Continuing Work

Our Objectives Are Several:

  • Save Nubia from cultural cleansing, marginalization, isolation, and dislocation of its people.

  • Preserve Nubian culture and heritage, including the indigenous Nobiin language.

  • Protect Nubian lands in Egypt and Sudan from being sold to foreigners in order to display Nubians from their ancestral land.

  • Conduct field research to document, record, and publish historical and archaeological evidence on the importance of the historic northern and eastern Sudan regions.

  • Present compelling documentation that this rich archaeological region should be designated a network of UNESCO World Heritage Sites at risk, which would help protect the region from large dam construction and inundation of archaeological sites and ancestral lands.

  • Assist Nubians with building local museums to preserve their living culture and heritage. 

Video Clip: Historical Significance of Ancient Nubia

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