Ta-Seti Foundation

The key mission component of the Ta-Seti Foundation is to formulate a foundation in support of the restoration, preservation and protection of manuscripts, archaeological sites, and oral traditions of ancient and traditional global African societies.

We are making a conscious effort to create stronger connections within families, neighborhoods, communities, and nations throughout the diaspora.

Ta-Seti Foundation and the Kushite-Nubian Collaborative

The Ta-Seti Foundation (TSF) was instrumental in bringing our lead partners together, which falls perfectly in line with our vision’s focus of collaborating with corporate partnerships and African-centered luminaries. Our purpose is to facilitate the unification of the lead partners in the Kushite-Nubian Collaborative: Save Nubia Project and The Nubia Project.

Our team is working with our partners to assist with various means of communicating their interests, works, and needs to an extended public audience; constructing the bridge between their goals and organizations, scholars, research professionals, students, and other individuals willing to join in support of their causes.

"The Ta-Seti Foundation's Vision is to be a Major Platform in Support of African-Centered Thought and African-Centered Luminaries of Diverse Disciplines."

TSF Goals:

1 Ta-Seti Foundation is actively collaborating with individuals, organizations, scholars, and luminaries to create the most simplistic and successful methods available to educate our people throughout the African Diaspora.

2 To develop strong teams to introduce any new or ongoing scientifically proven findings to our membership. The goal is to locate similar efforts for the purpose of joint collaborations.

3 Assist with facilitating introductions, brainstorming meetings, and project development and execution.

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Our Core Values:

  • Honor our ancestors through the preservation and documentation of historical facts.
  • Respect for our history and each other.
  • Integrity in all aspects of our foundation’s goals, plans, and actions.
  • Love for each other, our customers, partners, and sponsors.
  • Pride in ourselves and our communities.
  • Patience with one another as we learn and grow; understanding our differing backgrounds and levels of knowledge along our paths towards truth.

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